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To make a recurring donation is to be part of Interligne

Across Canada, people are questioning themselves on their sexual orientation and their gender identity. No matter their age or their situation, they can count on Interligne's intervention team to listen, support and orient them.

The monthly donation is a great way to support Interligne all year long. It allows the organisation to count on a reliable financial resource, facilitating the planification of its work and activities as well as increase its impact. You can cancel or modify the donation amount at any time. The totality of your donations will be admissible to a tax credit. With time, your donations represent a significant contribution to our work. This contribution is essential to provide our programs and services to LGBTQ+ communities, as well as for the general population. It is a fast and easy way to donate.

Today, thanks to your recurring donation, you are part of our team.

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