Monthly donations

Monthly donations

Why make a monthly donation to Interligne?

Monthly donations have pros for the organization AND for the donors, and contrary to a priori, it does not necessarily cost more money!

Regularity and commitment

You want to make a difference by getting involved with an organization that serves marginalized communities but daily life gets the better of you? By subscribing to the monthly donation, you set the amount that suits you and you don't have to think about anything! For Interligne, this allows us to have a better idea of ​​the cash inflows we can count on and adjust accordingly.


The monthly donation allows you to budget your involvement to better plan it without it costing you more. For example, if you already give $30 twice a year, it's $5 a month. You want to donate $10 a month? This is equivalent to a one-time donation of $120. And us too, it allows us to better see our cash inflows coming from donations to place them in our budgets. In addition, we can provide you with an official donation receipt for the accumulation of your annual donations which will be tax deductible*.

Efficiency and simplicity

One-off donation campaigns are often energy-consuming and, paradoxically, expensive. By subscribing to the monthly donation, you offer continuous, reassuring and less demanding support for Interligne. This energy can then be invested directly in our programs, our services and the support of our communities. On your side, it also means less information and solicitation: you target your interests and your commitments.


Money raised through donations can be used with much more flexibility than government grants and corporate donations. We can invest it in the most urgent needs, whether they are operational or related to programs and services. And on your side, nothing is fixed. You can pause, resume or start giving monthly depending on your abilities and priorities. For any questions, contact

What path does your donation take?



After six months of monthly donations of $50 or more, claim your 15% promo code applicable on our entire store! Contact

After a year of monthly donations of $100 or more, claim your 30% promo code applicable on our entire store! Contact

* Donation receipts for tax purposes are issued before March 31, the end of the fiscal year. The fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31.