Interligne is making the call for generosity in order to put exceptional measures in place so that we can continue to help people from different LGBTQ + communities. The number of requests for help are exploding and we need your support to continue the collective effort and get through this crisis together.


Many people are homebound, many have lost their jobs. In a situation as exceptional as the one we are currently experiencing, it can be natural to experience anxiety, stress, or suffer due to the isolation. There are also many people who are already living with mental health problems (depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts) whom are at risk of losing their bearings, which could significantly worsen their situation. We have also noted an increase in calls related to situations of violence which manifest themselves in several ways.

To specify, the donations raised will allow us to add resources to meet the increased demand. The donations will also allow us to obtain the essential material resources needed to adapt to this exceptional situation.

How can a LGBTQ + helpline make a difference?

To establish a bond of trust, among other reasons. For many people, it feels safer to call a helpline where sexual orientation, gender identity and all concerns arising from those topics are understood and accepted without judgment. In addition, our intervention team is trained to identify risk factors that are mainly experienced by members of the LGBTQ + communities.

"Being there for LGBTQ + people in difficult times is of paramount importance to the people who get involved at Interligne. Even if the staff members and our volunteers are also personally experiencing the repercussions of the health crisis, their generosity, their commitment and their kindness are always there, explains Pascal Vaillancourt. It makes me very proud of our great team, but we need you to make sure we can take good care of everyone. "

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